Pregnancy Calendar: 17 Weeks Pregnant

17 Weeks Pregnant
(Counting from the first day of your last menstrual period.)
Size: 5 in.
Weight: 4 oz.
Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Your Pregnancy: Week 17

By now you’re well aware you’re pregnant, even if your Mini hasn’t started to make too much of a ruckus yet. You’ll feel random aches and pains in weird places as your uterus grows. It’s all part of the whole journey so don’t freak out too much. Focus on those little flutters you feel in your belly as your baby lets his presence be known.

Wondering what’s up with your body, your baby and your life this week? Read on …

What You’re Thinking:

“OMG! Is something crawling on my stomach? Oh, wait! That was the baby!”

Your Body

Talk about mixed messages. After spending your whole life trying to avoid gaining weight, now you’re told you must pack on the poundage. But not too many pounds, of course. And not the wrong kind of weight. It’s exhausting. The bottom line is this: It’s essential to gain an appropriate amount of weight but via healthy foods, not milkshakes and FlufferNutters. Work with your health-care provider to develop a weight-gain plan that will work for you.

Now’s not the time to diet. You should never try limiting calories while you’re pregnant. Don’t worry about gaining more weight than you should while pregnant. You can lose it after the baby is born. Remember that a pregnant woman needs about 300 extra calories each day, which is just a small snack, like a small bag of trail mix or some crackers with cheese.


Your Baby

Speaking of packing on the pounds, that what it’s all about for baby this week. He’s adding fat stores that will keep him warm and cozy after he’s born. Your baby’s weight will increase approximately six times over the next four weeks. Good to know you’re not the only one tipping the scale. Also this week:

Your baby is hard at work honing his sucking and swallowing reflexes—all the better for eating that 2 AM (and 5 AM, and 8 AM …) meal in a few months! The finger- and toenails are beginning to grow from their nail beds, which would explain why he’ll need them trimmed almost as soon as he’s born!

Your baby weighs nearly 5 ounces and is a little over 5 inches long—about the size of a baked potato (load on the butter and sour cream, please).

Your Life

If the heir to your throne will have his or her own room (instead of his or her own sock drawer), now is the time to start thinking about how you’d like to decorate the nursery.

Don’t spend a fortune. These things will get barfed on, pooped on, and chewed on—and that’s just in the first week.

Make sure the style will grow with your child. Not all “big” girls love pink-bunny wallpaper, so keep baby’s walls neutral and buy a pink-bunny pillow instead.

Choose durable and scrubable surfaces, such as nontoxic painted or varnished wood or heavy-duty, PVC-free plastics.

Try to buy regular furniture that will grow with your child. For example, a regular dresser with a removable changing pad is a better investment than an official diaper-changing table.

Decorate the nursery to hide dirt. That means forget about the white rug.

Leave room in the nursery for lots of storage and comfortable seating for a nursing mom or sleepy dad.

Keep baby safety in mind. Your curious baby will quickly be movin’ and groovin’ in her fancy new space.

Splash out on a fabulous new robe or a comfy pair of slippers for yourself. You’ll thank yourself during those early days at home … and those late-night feedings.

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