Pregnancy Calendar: 2 Weeks Pregnant

2 Weeks Pregnant
(Counting from the first day of your last menstrual period.)
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Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Your Pregnancy: Week 2

Time to get down to the business of making a baby! You’re doing all the right things—and one “thing” in particular—to start that journey from “party of two and your best bottle of wine, please” to “do you serve chicken nuggets?” Get ready for a wild ride!

Wondering what’s up this week with your body and that baby you’re trying to make? Read on …

What You’re Thinking:

“So this is what sex is like without contraception! OMG, OMG, OMG, we’re trying to make a baby!”

Your Body

Happy conception week! This is where that long journey from stretch marks to spit up to soccer practice begins.

This week is all about the numbers: Somewhere between 140 million and 500 million sperm will be trying to boogie their way up your fallopian tubes to reach that single, solitary egg. Only about 200 of them will make it to the end of the road. And only one will earn the right to do a little victory dance in the end zone.

Although there’s plenty going on, the truth is, it’s all behind the scenes. Your body doesn’t know what’s hit it yet, and it won’t until at least next week.

If you’re feeling some cramping, you can probably chalk it up to ovulation. Or that second bowl of hot-sauce-spiked chili you had last night.


Your Baby

At the end of this week, the utterly mind-blowing miracle—conception—will occur!

Once the egg’s been fertilized, it will split into two nuclei that contain the genes of you and your partner (like Dad’s gorgeous eyes and Mom’s great legs).

If egg did indeed meet sperm, the baby they created will begin to rapidly divide again and again and again. The little ball of cells will double in size about every 12 hours (luckily, you’ll never grow at quite that rate, even though you may feel like you are).

Although you won’t know it for months yet, the gender of your baby and his or her eye and hair color, and even to some extent his or her personality, has all already been determined. The moment sperm met egg and you and your partner each chipped in your 23 chromosomes to create this new person, all of that was instantaneously worked out.

Within three or four days after conception, the egg will start to change from a solid ball of cells (a morula) into a layer of hundreds of cells clustered around a fluid-filled cavity, called a blastocyst. It’ll look kind of like a microscopic piece of Freshen Up gum.

Your little blastocyst (aka, teensy, weensy baby-to-be) will begin the long 7-to-10-day trek down the fallopian tubes to the uterus. Congratulations, Mama, you’re pregnant … you just don’t know it yet!

Your Life

Want to up your chances of creating a Mini Me or He? Try the old natural family-planning method to determine when you’re ovulating. Taking your temperature in the morning, before you get out of bed every day, can help you pinpoint the best time to grab your stud muffin and get down to business. You can also go the more modern route and pick up an ovulation test kit from the drugstore to determine when you’re ovulating, but the low-tech technique is a lot cheaper (and you may want to save that cash for diapers).

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