woman reading a pregnancy testPregnancy is a beautiful thing. After all, you’re making a baby! But even the most happy and glowing mom-to-be can be thrown for a loop by the symptoms of early pregnancy. From morning sickness to the constant urge to pee, here are 14 of the nitty-gritty, not so pretty ways your body can react when you’ve got a new baby baking.

Morning Sickness
This gnarly symptom affects between 60 and 80 percent of all expectant women. Some lucky ladies (not!) are cursed with a severe form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. Translation: excessive vomiting in pregnancy. Nice.

Food Cravings
You might yearn for anything from pickles and ice cream to weird things like dirt and chalk. (FYI, the desire to eat non-food items is called pica. As odd as it is, it can happen during pregnancy, but call your doctor immediately if you start to yearn to eat anything inedible.)

Pregnancy Fatigue
You’ve never felt tired until you’ve been knocked up. This fatigue makes you want to crawl into bed before 7 PM and never leave.

Super Smell
A newfound nose can make you ultra-sensitive to funk that’s stunk. So tell your amore to lay off the garlic!

Round Ligament Pain
Though it’s too early for you to buy maternity clothes, aching pains in your abdomen are typically caused by the stretching of your uterus. If the pain’s severe or accompanied by bleeding, call your OB or midwife.

Pregnancy Headaches
As if a rapidly-expanding body wasn’t painful enough, these headaches particular to pregnancy can be killer.

Yeast Infections and Urinary Tract Infections
Here’s a two-fer treat: Pregnancy means that you have a higher chance than usual of getting a painful burning in two very personal places. Congrats! (We’re being sarcastic. Sorry. We’ve totally “been there, had that” so it sort of gives us license to jest.)

Bleeding Gums
Even if you’re the poster girl for daily flossing, you may see a little pink when you brush now.

Abdominal Bloating
Belly bloat caused by water retention and gas really cramp your style, especially in early pregnancy. And you thought this was your last chance to wear those skinny jeans!

Unquenchable Thirst
You couldn’t feel more parched if you were stranded in the desert (or hung over after a bachelorette party.)

Pregnancy Insomnia
Just when you need your sleep the most you can’t catch a wink.

Bad Gas
Gas pains and constant farting may be uncomfortable for you, but they’re also clearing your family out of the room. Hey, that’s one way to win control of the remote!

The Itchies
Crazy itchy skin or the prickling PUPPP rash may make the temptation to scratch unbearable. Smooth on some cocoa butter—it may not ward off stretch marks, but its soothing properties will help your itchy skin.

Mood Swings
Pregnancy depression and mood swings can be making you mopey or irritable. If your partner complains that you’re always in brawl mode, don’t right-hook the messenger! You may already be fighting pregnancy depression and powerful up-and-down moods.