pregnant woman nappingYou expected to feel nauseous. You expected the painful boobs. You expected to gain weight. But one thing no one warned you about was how flippin’ tired you’d be at the beginning of your pregnancy. Fatigue in early pregnancy is a very common pregnancy symptom.

The jury is still out on what exactly causes the mind crushing exhaustion, but experts suspect it may be hormonal changes and the big increase in progesterone that’s the main culprit. Spending time on the toilet—whether peeing every few hours all night long or barfing into it all morning long—can also tire a mama-to-be out. Another cause could be anemia, so make sure your OB checks your iron levels!

The good news is, fatigue doesn’t usually last the whole pregnancy. Most women have a honeymoon period in the second trimester where they get their energy back and can actually stay up past 7pm. Take advantage of it, because in the third trimester energy levels tend to plunge again as D-day approaches.

In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to cope:

  • Surrender! Don’t try to push yourself if you’re exhausted. If you’re dead tired at 6pm, go to bed!
  • Take a Rain Check! Put off evening engagements until you have more energy. It may be hard to explain to your BFFs why you’re not up for Girls’ Night Out for the 5th week running if they don’t know you’re preggy, but it’s better to make them wonder than to tire yourself out.
  • Nap! Sneak in naps if you can! Even a 5-minute catnap will help.
  • Eat Well and Stay Hydrated! Don’t forget to eat well and drink plenty of water! Dehydration can make one feel super tired.
  • Get Exercise! We know, the last thing you feel like doing is hitting the gym when you’re exhausted to the bone, but even a short walk in the evening can make you feel better.
  • Hang in There! This too shall pass! Just like morning sickness and feeling like a bloated whale, pregnancy exhaustion will pass and trust us when we say the minute you hold that baby in your arms, it’ll alllll be worth it!