You’re in your first trimester of pregnancy, morning sickness has taken over your life, and you feel like you might never be able to eat again. Instead of that beautiful pregnancy glow, you’re giving off a decidedly greenish hue.

When you’re battling with morning sickness, big meals might be out of the question, but keeping something in your stomach can help keep nausea away, and of course, you do need calories to survive. Small snacks throughout the day can be a lifesaver during these rough months, and these five options are tummy-friendly and even pack a nutritional punch.

1. Stock up on berries and melons. A few strawberries or a slice of cantaloupe are the perfect size for a quick nibble, and fruit has sugar, which is important for keeping your glucose levels stable (low blood sugar will make morning sickness worse, you know). If it’s hot outside, freeze the berries or chunks of melon to make easy, refreshing “pregnancy pops.”

2. Dry cereal can be a lifesaver. A handful of Shredded Wheat or Special K can provide you with much-needed fiber and carbs to fight morning sickness without being too heavy or tough to digest.

3. Potato chips, potato chips, potato chips. If there’s one nice thing about morning sickness, it’s that if potato chips are the only thing you can keep down, you can eat them to your heart’s content. Many women report that during pregnancy, the salty crunch of potato chips worked like a charm to relieve morning sickness. If you snack on chips, though, just be sure to drink plenty of water to offset the salt.

4. Broth-based soups, like chicken noodle, miso, or minestrone, keep you from getting dehydrated (one more thing that can intensify morning sickness), and they’re fairly bland, so you won’t be hit with a wave of aroma while you’re preparing them.

5. There’s always room for Jell-O! Sweet, light, and easy to digest, Jell-O is practically tailor-made for morning sickness. Plus, it’s one thing that your partner can probably handle preparing on his own.