pregnancy t-shirtI’m pregnant!
I am pregnant.

Whether this phrase is running through your head a zillion times a day because you’re stoked beyond belief or you can barely believe it, it sure is exciting. But before you shout your news from the rooftop, be sure to tell your family and friends first. Check out these creative ways to let them know.

Capture the Moment on Film
Waiting to make your big announcement at a family get-together or holiday? Gather the group for a family picture and instead of telling them to say “cheese,” say “I’m pregnant,” and be ready to snap some shots of the reactions.

Create a Cover Story
Paste a pic of your head onto a pregnant celebrity’s bod on the cover or “baby bump” section of a celebrity gossip mag and add the headline “Look who was just spotted with a baby bump!” Leave the mag open on the family coffee table, in your mother’s mailbox or in the lunchroom of your office.

Hide a Hint in Your Handbag
Walk around with a baby bottle sticking out of your tote bag, or a diaper sticking out of your purse—and wait to see if anyone notices. After they do, offer your bottle and diaper to a stressed-out-looking mom in Starbucks.

Errand Announcement
If you’re the lucky duck with a mom or mother-in-law who likes to lend you a hand, send her to the store for a jar of pickles and a pint of ice cream. Or have her fill your prescription for prenatal vitamins. (If you thought she was a saint now, just imagine how much she’ll help when the baby arrives!)

Ask for Advice
Call up your dad or father-in-law for car advice. Spend a lot of time asking about minivans and cars equipped with LATCH. We predict he’ll be in tears before you can say “Consumer Reports.”

Easy Dinner Party
Invite your family over for dinner and serve potato chips, ice cream, soda crackers, soup or whatever bizarre item you’re craving. Don’t serve wine. Tell them it’s all you feel like eating in your “condition.”

Tell Via Tee
If you have other kids, dress them in “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” T-shirts. If it’s just you, make or wear one of those sassy maternity T-shirts that says something like “I have a secret!”, “One slipped past the goalie!” or “With bump, not plump!”

Send Flowers
So your mom’s complained that her kids never send her flowers. How about creating a double surprise by sending a “Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa” bouquet to your folks or in-laws … with no card attached. Then stand by your phone for a very excited call.

Babysitting Blurt
At the next lull in conversation at a family dinner, ask if anyone is available to babysit … in April (or in whichever month you’re due). Just be sure to refresh your knowledge of the Heimlich maneuver—someone may choke with surprise.

Share the Fun With a Sash
Let Grandma in on all the pregnancy announcement fun! After years of jealously hearing about her friends’ adorable grandchildren, your mom and MIL are dying to have fun spilling the beans, too. Make them each a pageant-winner-style “Future Grandma” sash.