woman on a scaleWhether you’re avoiding the scale all together or delighted that you can finally gain the pounds without worrying about fitting into your skinny jeans, it’s not uncommon to have questions about how much weight is the “right” amount of weight to gain during your pregnancy.

The truth is, there is no one right amount of pregnancy weight gain. As you talk to your doctor about what to expect, she’s likely to take several factors into account—like your previous weight, your height, age, and previous pregnancies—when determining what’s an appropriate amount of weight for you to gain during your 9 months.

Generally speaking, you can expect to gain somewhere around 25 to 35 pounds with a normal pregnancy, assuming you started your pregnancy at an average weight. Women who are younger, underweight or carrying multiples can be expected to (or even encouraged to) gain slightly more—28-40 pounds for underweight or younger women; 35-45 for women carrying twins. If you are short or overweight, your doctor may recommend gaining slightly less during your pregnancy—between 15-30 pounds, depending on your individual circumstance.

What is universal when it comes to pregnancy weight gain is how you’ll want to gain the weight. Your doc is likely to recommend that you gain your weight slowly and gradually, via a healthy diet (as opposed to a mainline of Ben & Jerry’s!).

If you’re concerned about your weight gain, have a chat with your doctor to be sure you get all the information you need. And here’s a fun fact to keep in mind as you’re packing on the pounds: It takes 80,000 calories over the course of a pregnancy to grow a healthy baby!