home pregnancy testHow soon can I find out? Am I preggers or not?

You can’t wait to find out if you’re pregnant, but how soon is too soon to pee on that stick? Pregnancy tests, which detect the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), in your urine, are generally able to tell you if you’re pregnant between 9-12 days after conception. That’s the point at which the hCG concentration in your pee is high enough to be detected by the test. For some women, however, it can take slightly longer to detect a pregnancy.

Still, just because it’s possible to detect a pregnancy between 9-12 days after conception, you may still want to wait a little longer than that before you test. Experts say that waiting until a week after your period is due gives you the best chances of an accurate result.

We hear you groaning that you can’t possibly wait that long (and we get it!), but know that there’s a chance you’ll get a false negative if you test too early, which means you could actually be pregnant and not know it. Which means you could find yourself retesting a week after you miss your period anyway. And, let’s face it, those pregnancy tests aren’t cheap.

Remember, while it is possible to get a false-negative on a pregnancy test, there really isn’t such a thing as a false-positive on a pregnancy test, so if the test says you are in the prenatal way, you are!