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What natural treatments can I use for pregnancy nausea and morning sickness?

The most effective management of pregnancy nausea involves keeping food in the stomach. Never let your stomach get empty, even though eating may be the last thing you want to do. Eat small protein snacks every two hours throughout the day. Keep food in the car, at your workstation and in your bag. A pocketful of raw almonds travels well and provides fat, protein and carbohydrates in a tasty package. Keep food by your bed for late-night snacks. A quarter of a peanut butter sandwich, a small box of soy milk or leftovers from dinner may be handy. In the morning, many women find it helpful to eat dry crackers or toast before getting up.Supplements to help with pregnancy nausea and morning sickness include ginger and vitamin B6. Ginger can be taken as dried root in capsules, as oil in small gelatin pearls, the fresh root can be chewed or made into tea, and even candied ginger can be effective. People taking heart medications or ibuprofen and other NSAIDs are advised to avoid eating large amounts of ginger. With Vitamin B6, take 25 milligrams three times per day with food, as taking this alone can cause pregnancy nausea. Whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes also contain B6.Be aware that high-dose prenatal vitamins can make pregnancy nausea and morning sickness worse. If they’re a problem for you, take them in smaller doses and with larger meals later in the day. After the fourth month of pregnancy, nausea often resolves itself, which will allow you to increase your vitamin dose.Applying acupressure to the Pericardium 6 point on the inside surface of both forearms has been shown to help with pregnancy nausea. I often recommend wearing elastic bands with small plastic or metal bumps that exert steady pressure on your forearms. You can buy these at health stores or in marine supply shops. Proper placement and consistency of the pressure is important.

Because smells can be off-putting, cook with fans running and see if someone else can take a turn preparing food. Also, fatigue makes everything worse in pregnancy, and pregnancy nausea is no exception. Take naps and get as much sleep as you can.

If morning sickness involves vomiting, it can become very serious. Women who can’t keep food down or are losing weight should consult their midwife or doctor.

Answered by Dr. Morgan Martin