pregnant woman and sonReady to have a go at kiddo no. 2? There’s tons of advice out there for first-time parents, but what about pregnancy the second time around? Everyone assumes you’re an old pro, but a second-time mama can still use a little advice! Here’s what to expect when you’re pregnant with numero two:

  • The Unexpected! Every pregnancy is different. If your first pregnancy was a breeze, the second may be more challenging. If you had problems the first time, you may be totally fine the second, although any major medical issues you faced with the first pregnancy will affect how your prenatal care provider treats you the second time.
  • Exhaustion! You thought you knew tired the first time, but we’re here to tell you that you’ll feel even more zombified during your second (or subsequent) pregnancy (sorry!). Why? You’ve got a little person demanding a ton of your energy, a factor that wasn’t there the first go-round.
  • Less Morning Sickness! This is one of the best things about being preggers for the second time. Most women find that their morning sickness is less severe than it was the first time around.
  • Showing Sooner! Since your body has BTDT, you may find that you pop a lot sooner than you did with your first pregnancy. Some second-time moms start showing super early so don’t be surprised if your boss starts eyeing your belly in week 7!
  • More Braxton Hicks! Preggy ladies often have a lot more (and a lot stronger) “false” or Braxton Hicks contractions in second pregnancies.
  • Less Tearing! Since your vajayjay has been through birth before, it’ll be more flexible and probably won’t tear as badly as it did the first time.
  • Shorter Labor We can’t guarantee it, but a lot of second-timers have shorter, easier labors with subsequent pregnancies because the body has been through the process already and the cervix is less rigid so it dilates and effaces faster and easier. Labors are generally half as long the second time as they were with baby number one. Hey, something to look forward to!