While it might sometimes feel like pregnancy is out to spoil all of your fun (no caffeine, no waist), there really are a few serious pluses to having a bun baking in your oven (besides, of course, the baby itself). Read on, and get ready to take advantage—after all, you can’t let those sushi-eating, wine-drinking, non-pregnant gals have all the fun.

Getting Ahead
Getting to cut in line for the bathroom with simply a sweet smile and a pat on the belly

Getting Your Cake and Your Steak, and Calamari …
Ordering an appetizer, entree and dessert

… And Then Getting More
Changing your mind and not touching any of the food that you ordered

Getting the Works
Ordering a (decaf) full-fat mocha. With whip, of course.

Getting a Break
Taking a long lunch break either to chow down or to check out the new maternity line at Target. All your co-workers will just assume you’re at another doctor’s appointment anyway.

Getting a Breather
Spending lots of time in the bathroom. Who cares if you’re just resting or checking out your cute new side view?

Getting a Bath
Taking long showers and hour-long soaks in bubbles … and skipping the leg shave

Getting a Treat
Sending your partner out at midnight for a pint of ice cream (or chocolate or chips or whatever you’re craving at that second!)

Getting Attention
Wearing belly-hugging—even belly-baring!—shirts and never having to suck it in

Getting an Excuse
Refusing to go within 100 feet of a gym … unless they have a really good smoothie bar. Yum!

Getting to Set Your Own Schedule
Going to bed before Real Housewives starts. And then DVRing it and making your partner wait till the weekend to watch it with you.

Getting Comfortable
Wearing flip-flops or Crocs to work. Thanks to your swollen ankles, you’re now as comfy in the conference room as you are on your patio.

Getting Back to Your Roots
Showing your roots. You’re no longer a slave to your colorist, because it’s “good for the baby.” (It’s also good for your account balance!)

Getting Fries With That
Eating a juicy burger and fries for lunch. Often. (And enjoying the non-pregnant girls watching you longingly over their garden salads.)

Getting Natural
Letting your hair air-dry and going everywhere without makeup. Put that pregnancy glow and those lustrous locks to use … and use that extra half hour in the morning for sleep.

Getting to Take It With You
Carrying a ginormous bag—just so you have space for all of your snacks. (Plus, it might make your butt look smaller!)

Getting to Take a Nap
Pregnancy is one few times in adulthood that you can and should take midafternoon naps—even if it’s at your desk at work.