surprised pregnant womanI always thought I was a pretty good student, but now I’m starting to wonder. ‘Cause either I wasn’t paying attention or there are some pretty important details about pregnancy that my high school health teacher forgot to mention.

I remember learning about zygotes, watching the movie The Miracle of Life and even putting condoms on bananas. For the life of me though, I don’t remember learning about stretch marks or leaking breasts. No one mentioned queasy mornings or bulging hips or impossible-to-wear maternity clothes. Just imagine the number of teen pregnancies that could simply be prevented with honest education about body changes.
Now, I’ve been enrolled in the crash course called pregnancy. My first big lesson came at my very first prenatal appointment. When the doctor mentioned that she was going to do an ultrasound to see the pregnancy, I pictured the kind of ultrasound you see on TV with the goo and device that go outside the belly. I had no idea that a transvaginal ultrasound even existed until one was, well, inserted in me.
Another discovery for me was those mandatory prenatal vitamins, which bring great nails and hair … everywhere. The razor companies must be in on those vitamins!
What my health teacher neglected to teach me, I’m learning hands-on. I’ve learned that I need to be aware of my own body, both when I’m pregnant and not pregnant, and if that means taking vitamins that make me look like a gorilla and going to doctor appointments that make me lose all semblance of modesty, then so be it. I’ll do it for myself, and for the growing zygote or whatever it’s called growing inside me.
Submitted by Emily Tucker