You toss and you turn and you finally find the perfect position for your sore back and heavy belly … only to realize five seconds later that you have to get up and pee. Again. The only thing harder than getting sleep while pregnant is getting sleep with a baby (but you’ll learn that on your own soon enough). For now, here are some ways to sleep away the rest of your pregnancy in comfort. Sweet dreams!

Nesting Instinct
Start “nesting” early by creating a nest of pillows for your growing bump. An extra pillow under your hips/thighs and another under your breasts will accommodate and support your belly. You’ll take up more space in the bed, but that’s something you and your partner should be used to now.

Light Exercise
Gentle, low-impact prenatal exercise during the day will give you the muscle and energy release necessary for you to fall asleep easily and deeply at night. (Exercise when you’re pregnant? Yes, we went there. No, don’t hate us!)

Bubble Bathe That Belly
Relaxing with a pre-slumber soak will soothe your senses and joints and make sleep come more easily. This trick works with wild toddlers, too, so bookmark it for future reference.

Prenatal Massage
Massage during pregnancy—and we’re talking by a professional masseuse at a spa, not a five-minute come-on backrub from your partner— can benefit your comfort and sleep. A good massage can reduce stress, promote relaxation, increase circulation, and improve pregnancy back pain and sciatica… all issues that can be keeping you from falling asleep.

Pajama Pampering
Climbing into bed wearing sweats stretched to the limit? Treat yourself to luxurious satin or silk pajamas that fit your growing bod. Feeling pampered and cozy will help you slide right into sleep.

Warm Milk
Your mother was right: A glass of warm milk does have sleep-inducing powers! It contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is known to have sedative effects. Milk is also good for after-dinner pregnancy heartburn relief!

Pregnancy Pillow
If your partner complains that your constant tossing and turning is keeping him up, first tell him to “get over it and try having a baby himself!” and then make him buy you a total body pillow or a special supportive pillow to support and soothe you. Just don’t be surprised if his next complaint is that the new pillow’s getting more snuggles than him!

Midnight Snack
If you awake in the night with a rumbling stomach, go ahead and raid the fridge! You and baby need the extra calories, and a healthy midnight snack (as opposed to a bag of Mint Milanos) may be just what you need to get back to sleep.

Bedtime Routine
You may have heard that kids need a soothing bedtime routine, but this goes for pregnant mamas, too! Develop a soothing nighttime routine that will leave you relaxed, not agitated. Don’t stay up late answering work emails or assembling the nursery furniture – —unplug the laptop, put down the screwdriver and remember that with a good night’s sleep, you ‘ll be better off tackling them tomorrow!