pregnant woman laid on a floating mattress


It’s one thing to endure the hot sun wearing a cute little bikini on the beach during spring break—but it’s an entirely different thing to endure the hot sun wearing a whale-sized maternity suit at the community pool. Here are some tips to get you through the big, hot heat.

  • Carry a spritzer bottle full of cold water for heat emergencies (like that scorching trek between your car and Target).
  • Stock up on lightweight, breathable T-shirts.
  • Keep an ice pack handy for pregnancy aches and pains and, most importantly, pregnancy hot flashes.
  • Camp out by a source of water (the pool, a lake, your lawn sprinkler) whenever possible.
  • Head somewhere cool and take a nap whenever you’re feeling particularly tired or headachy.
  • Buy a fabulous maternity swimsuit (yes, they do make them) and flaunt that belly.
  • Stay hydrated. Down Slurpees like you’re a college student on spring break.
  • Keep your house (and your car, and your purse) well-stocked with snacks so you can avoid making heat-of-the-day trips to the store to pick up whatever it is you’re craving.
  • Don’t forget to apply insect repellent—your skin is itchy enough without bug bites to worry about.
  • Use a highlighter to turn your ‘sweat shine’ into ‘shimmer.’
  • Find a pair of fabulous flip-flops. We don’t want to burst your bubble, but your swollen ankles probably aren’t going to fit into last year’s espadrilles.