pregnant woman sleeping with pillowsNow that I’m five months along in my pregnancy, sleep is sometimes uncomfortable. I expected to have sleep issues later in my pregnancy, but I wasn’t expecting to be dealing with pregnancy sleep problems this early on! What’s the best position to sleep in? And are there any sleep positions I should avoid during pregnancy? (My girlfriends swear I can’t sleep on my right side … which happens to be my favorite!)

You may hear from well-meaning moms and other know-it-alls that you should only sleep on your left side. While it’s true that lying on your left side will provide optimal circulation and blood flow, you shouldn’t sleep that way just because you’re trying to do what’s best for your baby. Relax and lie on whatever side is most comfortable for you.

Once you enter the second half of your pregnancy, however, it’s true that you should avoid lying on your back, because the weight of the baby can press down on blood vessels that help carry oxygen to your baby. And, of course, sleeping on your stomach when you’ve got that big belly might be a little tough.

Answered by Dr. Kara Nakisbendi