pregnant woman dreaming


It’s hard enough to get to sleep when you’re pregnant. So when you do sleep, it feels awful to be awakened by vivid, emotional, and sometimes scary dreams. It’s not just you — lots of women report increasingly weird, wild, and memorable dreams during pregnancy sleep. Now, while we can’t offer an explanation of what it means to dream about giving birth to a purple jellybean named Rupert, we can tell you a bit about why these dreams might happen.

You’re hormonal, you’re emotional, you’re stressed — that’s a combination that pretty much guarantees some strange dreams. Some researchers have theorized that increased levels of the hormone progesterone are partly responsible for the strange visions.

Plus, be honest…as much as you’re excited to meet your little one, aren’t you just a tiny bit anxious, too? It’s okay to be scared; pregnancy is a nerve-wracking time. Will my baby be healthy? Will labor go smoothly? Will I be a good mom? Will my partner ever learn to change a diaper? It’s normal to have these questions on your mind, and that emotional turmoil is often reflected in your dreams.

Some researchers have even theorized that pregnant women don’t really dream more than anyone else while they sleep– they just remember them better. Most expectant mamas wake up several times a night to change positions, use the bathroom, or grab a snack, so they’re likely to wake up with dreams still fresh in their minds. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of purple jellybean babies for years, but just never remembered!

Some women find it helpful to keep a pregnancy dream journal for sorting out their fears and anxieties, but even if you just want to laugh away the dreams with your partner, remember that even if your dreams are scary or upsetting, they’re perfectly normal.